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Welcome at the website OK2BWN. This website is focused on the equipment for orienteering sports, especially for Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF).
You will find here all information about wide variety of orienteering sports equipment, technical documentation, manuals for download, guidelines, interesting links and lot more...

About the company ...
The Specialized Electronic Equipment company was established in 1991. Its main area is development and production of the radio and orienteering sports equipment, telemetry and communication equipment and specialized measuring devices. The company also provides repairing and modifications of all ARDF equipment and technical support for outdoor sports events.

About me...
My personal interest in amateur radio focuses on research into and education about the Amateur Radio Direction Finding, especially from the technical point of view. I am interested in ARDF as the event organizer, trainer, International Class referee, member of IARU R1 ARDF Working Group and the competitor as well.

Jiří Mareček, OK2BWN    

Since 1992, competitors equipped with receivers COMPACT145 and SUPERFOX145 gained 23 titles of World ARDF Champion (71 medals in total) and 37 titles of European/IARU R1 ARDF Champion (105 medals in total).

Competitors equipped with receivers SUPERFOX3,5/3,7/3,5GX gained 40 titles of World ARDF Champion (108 medals in total) and 57 titles of European/IARU R1 ARDF Champion (151medals in total).

ARDF transmitters COMPACT TX, COMPACT96 and CONTEST2002 were successfully used on the courses of following events:

•   European/IARU R1 ARDF Championships 1993 (Czech Republic, Milovy)
•   European/IARU R1 ARDF Championships 1995 (Slovakia, Chtelnica)
•   European/IARU R1 ARDF Championships 1996 (Bulgaria, Borovets)
•   World ARDF Championships 1997 (Germany, Sankt Englmar)
•   Youth European ARDF Championships 2000 (Czech Republic, Kromeríž)
•   European/IARU R1 ARDF Championships 2001 (France, La Salvetat-sur-Agout)
•   World ARDF Championships 2002 (Slovakia, Tatranské Matliare)
•   Youth European ARDF Championships 2003 (Germany, Bastheim)
•   World ARDF Championships 2004 (Czech Republic, Brno)
•   Youth European ARDF Championships 2005 (Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary)
•   European/IARU R1 ARDF Championships 2005 (Serbia, Montenegro, Tara/Zlatibor)
•   World ARDF Championships 2006 (Bulgaria, Primorsko)
•   Youth European ARDF Championships 2007 (Germany, Hormersdorf)
•   European/IARU R1 ARDF Championship 2009 (Bulgaria, Obzor)
•   Youth European ARDF Championship 2009 (Czech Republic, Telč)
•   World ARDF Championship 2010 (Croatia, Opatija)
•   European/IARU R1 ARDF Championship 2011 (Romania, Baile Felix)
•   Youth European ARDF Championship 2011 (Bulgaria, Primorsko)
•   World ARDF Championship 2012 (Serbia, Kopaonik)
•   Youth European ARDF Championship 2013 (Czech Republic, Tři studně)
•   Youth European ARDF Championship 2014 (Bulgaria, Primorsko)

•   In addition, they serve successfully at all competitions of national level in Czech republic and Slovakia since 1994 and also at training events of the Czech national ARDF team.

ARDF equipment manufactured by OK2BWN is successfully used in following countries (in alphabetical order): Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, China, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.

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