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  what is ARDF?

AMATEUR RADIO DIRECTION FINDING - AN EXCITING AMATEUR RADIO SPORT. ARDF - amateur radio direction finding, is an exciting branch of amateur radio activities, attracting people from youngsters and teenagers to experienced old timers and veterans. ARDF joins the amateur radio skills like construction of transmitters and receivers, knowledge of HF and VHF propagations phenomena, antenna patterns, evaluation of strenght and quality of received signals (and basic knowledge of Morse code too!) - with orienteering skills like proper using of map and its symbols, usage of compass and taking bearings and azimuths, continous knowledge of own position in the terrain (without using of GPS satellite equipment), and - last but not least - with physical fitness and ability to run a couple of kilometers in diversified terrain, mostly wooded. But over all, ARDF is a pleasure of being in direct contact with nature, of breathing the fresh and unpolluted air, of joining with friends from different amateur radio clubs and societies.

It is an unforgetable experience to meet - when running from onehidden transmitter to another - a deer family or lonely hare wondering who disturbs his quiet forest enclave.

Tens and hundreds of ARDF events are organized every year by the local amateur radio clubs, amateur societies and on the highest level - by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). Participants of these events arrive to the spot annouced by the organiser, dress the sport garments suitable for running and start in small groups to meet the direction finding adventure. Their task is to discover - by taking radio bearings - four or five low power hidden transmitters, located in a forest in adequate distance each from other. The discovery of hidden transmitter has to be confirmed by personal presence at the spot and punching the starting ticket. The winner of the event is an amateur who discover, visit all prescribed transmitters and appear at finish line in a shortest possible time.

The ARDF competition usually consists of two separate races: in the 3.5 MHz band and 144 MHz band. Characters of these two races differ due to the different mode of radio waves propagation. Different equipment is used as well. Competitors are divided to 12 categories according to their age and sex. Usual course length varies between 2 and 10 kilometers, number of transmitters varies from 2 to 5 according to the category.

You can find more information at the IARU Region 1 ARDF Working Group website.

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