Technika pro orientační sporty


ARDF equiptment



1973My first ARDF beginnings
1977I made my first DC direction finding receiver for 3,5 MHz – it really worked!
1979ARDF receiver with memory for 6 frequencies (in that days ARDF transmitters operated at different frequencies)
1981Ancestor of the SUPERFOX receivers – superheterodyne with 8 MHz crystal IF filter
1982In order to be able to make some ARDF trainings, I built 0,5W 144 MHz transmitter with automatic timing and universal timing unit for MINIFOX transmitters
1985First prototype of the successful ARDF receiver 144 MHz – COMPACT 144. It immediately overrun all receivers currently used. Within following years, I made several receivers with excellent parameters for top competitors
1991The Specialized Electronic Equipment established. Its first product was CMOS timing unit for ARDF transmitters, replacing TTL units then used
1992Production of the direction finding receiver COMPACT144 and automatic ARDF transmitter COMPACT TX
1993The RADIOSPORT company was established to provide technical support of outdoor competitions and technical sports equipment production
1993Transmitters COMPACT TX successfully used at European ARDF Championship in CZE, Milovy
1994Production of the direction finding receivers SUPERFOX 3,5 and COMPACT3,5
1994Competitors equipped with COMPACT144 and SUPERFOX 3,5 receivers gained first World Champion titlesZávodníci s prijímaci COMPACT144 a SUPERFOX3,5 získávají první tituly Mistru sveta
1997Production of the automatic transmitter COMPACT96 – successfully used at World ARDF Championship 1997 in Germany
1997RADIOSPORT won the competition of the Czech ARDF Association and starts ARDF equipment production
1999Production of the miniature HF transmitter MICROFOX and RC model finder COMPACT M
2000New middle-class HF/VHF transmitter TRAINER used at the first Czech Park ARDF Championships
2001RADIOSPORT ends the ARDF equipment production and the Specialized Electronic Equipment takes the whole area again. The RADIOSPORT logo changes to OK2BWN Radio Sports Equipment
2002Production of the first automatic PLL synthesized ARDF transmitter CONTEST2002, miniature HF/VHF transmitter MICROFOX2 and the new HF direction finding receiver SUPERFOX2002
2003New middle class PLL synthesized transmitter TRAINER PLL
2004Automatic monitoring receiver MONITOR 2004 and CONTEST 2002 transmitters successfully used at World ARDF Championship
2005All equipment reconstructed to SMD technology and modern component base. New products: HF receiver SUPERFOX3,5GX, SportIdent radio data link system
2006New transmitters MICROFOX HF and MICROFOX VHF replace all older MICROFOX transmitters
2007New transmitters TRAINER2007 and CONTEST2007 replace all older TRAINER and CONTEST transmitters. CONTEST2007 has a built-in automatic antenna tuner
2009New VHF receiver SUPERFOX145E. In addition, the company enters the area of animal tracking equipment (automated animal tracking system BAARA and advanced programmable radio tags BIOTX).
2010New electronic compass unit FINDER09 for SUPERFOX receivers. New advanced accumulator tester T810 replaces the old T10.
2011The company was selected as the official technical supporter of the 2011 European/IARU R1 ARDF Championship and successfully managed the job. A programming device and software PGMCONTEST for programming and synchronizing CONTEST2007 transmitters was developed.
2012The company was selected as the official technical supporter of the 2012 ARDF World Championship. New automatic monitoring receiver MONITOR2012. New redesign of the MICROFOX and TRAINER transmitters bring better performance and wider options.
2013New VHF receiver SUPERFOX145DX with digital tuning and memories.
2014New automatic monitoring receiver MONITOR2014.

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